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About Us

We are a semi-independent supported living provider for Looked After Children who are aged 16 plus.


Based in Nottingham, we started working with young people across the country, both in the community and within youth offending institutes and prisons, who were facing challenges with drug use, drug dealing, and general gang-related criminality.  Our team of mentors provided a person-centred approach to counselling, trauma management and crisis intervention and supported young people to engage in positive activities such as alternative education and life transformation programmes.  This holistic approach saw us achieve great success with enabling young people to turn their lives around for the better and very soon, Local Authorities were commissioning us to do more and more work with their young people, thus Mixed Foundations Holistic Homes (MFHH) was born.


Delivering bespoke services, we specialise in working with hard to reach young people and supporting them to transition to independent living by equipping them with the skills and confidence they need to prepare them to face the future and move on successfully to adulthood. 

All our properties are located within suburban residential areas around Nottingham and are furnished to a high standard.  We are able to offer accommodation on a solo or shared occupancy basis dependent on the young person's support needs and their desires. 

We want to build respect and trust with our young people, with a view to empowering them to strive for positive outcomes.

Sonia Dowdie - Director

Our Mission

To ensure that our services:

1.  safeguard young people from danger and promote their welfare; 

2.  prove and promote the achievement of positive outcomes and progress to independence for all of our young people; and

3.  provide high standards of support services and accommodation, reflective of the voice and desires of our young people and other stakeholders. 

Image by Katrina Wright
Our Mission
College Students

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable young people to realise their full potential and go on to lead successful independent adult lives.

We want to be recognised by all of our young people for being a genuine source of support that makes a true and lasting positive difference to the future of all the young people we work with, by ensuring that everything we do is centered around their needs, and helps them to achieve their hopes and dreams.

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