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Keeping our young people safe and promoting their welfare is our highest priority and is a principle that shapes our entire provision.

We take our safeguarding responsibility very seriously and have robust procedures in place to fulfil our duty of care from the moment we receive a referral, right the way through to our young people successfully moving on to independence.

We have strict controls in place for recruiting staff in line with Safer Recruitment standards and provide regular training and supervision to ensure all of our staff are fully equipped and developed to support young people to achieve the objectives of their placements.

Our policies and procedures are all reviewed regularly and are aligned to the Working Together Guidelines and Local Authority Safeguarding Partnership protocols.

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As a semi-independent provision, we are not regulated by OFSTED or the CQC as we are not a care setting and can not provide any elements of care to our young people.  We can not support any young people under the age of 16.

​Our role is to support the independence of our young people by advising and guiding them to be able to do make good choices for themselves.  Within MFHH, young people:

  • have full liberty to leave the property at their own discretion and without needing permission from any staff member;

  • are in full control of their own finances, what they wear and of the resources to buy clothes;

  • are responsible for meeting their own health needs, including such things as arranging GP or specialist health care appointments, in addition to having full control of their medication;

  • can choose to stay away overnight; and

  • don't need direct staff supervision for long periods of time.

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Successful development of essential life skills is key to achieving independence, and education, training and employment are important building blocks that support with gaining these skills.  We make it our business to be proactive in sourcing the right opportunities within the community to give our young people the best chances possible of developing their life skills in ways they will enjoy and benefit from.  By creating structured weekly plans, our young people engage in positive activities, like music production, health & fitness, art,  cooking and apprenticeships in vocational courses such as construction or mechanics.  We also provide culturally specific packages when required.

Recognising that teamwork is the key to success, we pride ourselves on working together in partnership with other agencies to share information and support young people to access specialist services such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, (CAMHS) so the needs of our young people are promoted and met.

We also offer therapeutic services such as:

  • trauma management;

  • motivational mentoring;

  • challenging negative mindsets by using pro-social modelling and resilience-based approaches;

  • interventions to reduce offending behaviour, gang affiliation, county lines drug dealing, gun/knife crime and serious youth violence.

Our support staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and have a wealth of professional qualifications and real-life experiences. 


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